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Treacle goes to Greenland!

Treacle greenland


That's how you say hello in the language that the people from Greenland speak.  I've come over to Greenland for an amazing trip!  It is wonderful over here!  I think I expected everything to be all snowy, like in the picture on the bottom left, but it was mostly like the pictures on the top, lots of rocks and patches of green everywhere. But then, we didbn't go very far into the country.  Have a look at the map and in satelite view and you'll see!  With global warming I think more and more of it is becoming green and less and less white :(

I met a nice new friend, a polar bear and her cub.  They showed me around and helped me out whenever I got lost.  It was a very big and scary country and I got into lots of scrapes.  I'll tell you more about my adventures in Greenland very soon and about the wonderful things I saw!
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Other Bears Which Have Checked in Nearby


2 bears spotted within 10 miles of this location


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