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The Old Elbe Tunnel


My trip to Germany is nearly over.  I've had such great fun, we've done loads of cool things. You can see me in the Old Elbe Tunnel.  It was really funny, to get cars down into the tunnel they had to take the car into lift and then drive through the tunnel.  It was fun though!  You can see me looking out over the harbour too.  I always like to try to make as many friends as I can and I made friends with a very nice German bear, his name was Herman the German Bear!

The lady in the statue is Zitronenjette, she sold lemons on the streets of Hamburg and lived from 1841 - 1916.  She's a very famous lady in Hamburg now.  I'd like to think that if she'd still been alive I'd have bought a lemon from her to put in my coke!

That's all from Hamburg, more exciting things soon!
lots of love



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2 bears spotted within 10 miles of this location


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