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Very nice music!

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\r\nAfter my visit in Brentwood I went to Ely to listen to some folkmusic. The people who where playing were really nice and Vicki even let me play the bagpipes with her on the stage! That was soooo cool!!
\r\nI never played any instrument before, but I really enjoyed playing the pipes! So I will definately try to play something else in the future! =)


Some people have asked me why I have an elk om my jumper, so I thought I'll explain it to you too! The girl (Hanna) that I've been travelling with a lot is from Sweden. Her cousin Vicki (yes, the same Vicki that I wrote about just before!) bought the jumper for me since I'll be going to Sweden in July and elks are very common there! Hanna told me that if I'm lucky I might get to see one in the wild!! Yay! =)


Take care!!
\r\nLots of love, Bamse


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