Adventure Update from Sheringham

We have lift off

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 Hi, I'm Sheringham.

Michael brought me all the way to New York from Stockholm when he came to visit his friend Andy.  Andy, not being the most dynamic individuals has had me stay in his apartment for way too long.  It's a nice apartment with air conditioning and a great view of the Empire State Building, as you can see from my picture.  However, I've been here a couple of months now, and I'm getting itchy feet to get out there and travel.  So when I heard Andy was going down to Philadelphia this weekend to see his friend Mike I decided to hop into his bag and stowaway because I'd like to spend some time with Mike's three daughters.  I'm hoping they'll look after me for a little while and then send me off on my travels to somewhere new and exciting.

Andy and Mike are going to see the Phillies and Mets on Saturday night at Citizens Bank Park, and even though I'm moving in with Uncle Mike who is a Phillies fan I have to agree with Uncle Andy when he says 'Lets Go Mets'.



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      Here now.

       Thats a better picture of me before I go.  That last one was the wrong way around.

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