Adventure Update from Mini-Sven

Island Hopping in Sweden!

Mini sven forsvik3

Springis here, summer is on its way. I'm back from Thailand and once valborgsmässoafton is over there is only one thing to do in Sweden, especially in Stockholm and that is to go travelling round some of the islands.  So my first island was Frösvik.  I love the water being everywhere, I feel just like a sailor.  It's brilliant!  It's so beautiful and peaceful round here.  Lovely.  Another island very soon!
lots of love


This update was posted by mini-sven about 11 years ago.

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      Bill and Ella

      This is me, Bill, with Ella, my owner's younger sister. Ella is going to be looking after me for a while. Thanks Ella and nice to meet you, since when I left Alice she was about teh same size ...

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      The Return of Bill Bear!

      After many years on the road, Bill Bear is finally reunited with his owner Alice, thanks to a very nice person in Germany who sent him back to us in the post. Alice is now passing Bill on to her ...

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      Snobben Redo för Lift Off!

      Snobben är nu redo för att åker vidare med klass 1D

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      Arthur i skolan!

      På Ljunggården så börjar Arthur sin resa hos klass F:D.

      Han måste registreras och annat smått och gott innan han åker vidare.


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      Bill at the British Embassy in Stockholm

      Here is Bill at the British Embassy, getting his passport stamped. The Vice Consul James Moody had a few questions about Bill’s Visa application, so he had him in for a few questions. All ...

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      Me and Bill at Home

      This is a picture of me and Bill at home. Bill is an astronaut bear. He is very adventurous. Bill likes hugs and wants to go to the moon. Please look after him!



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