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Boogies View from Symonds Yat

Boogie simmonds yat

I finished my trip to Wales by climbing up a huge hill to the Symonds Yat rock.  We couldn't get to the rock itself, but the view I got was amazing!  I made a lovely friend called Morgan who helped me on the fence so that I could see better, thank you!  On a good day you can see Peregrine Falcons, but we didn't see any on this trip.  I think I'd be a bit scared of them anyway, they're much bigger than me!  It was a lovely walk up that hill, a bit much for my little legs so I had to get a lift in a rucksack.  Tee hee!

I'm really proud to be bear of the day on the website, thank you so much!  I'll keep travelling really really proudly!  Another adventure soon, I'm off again on Sunday, hurrah!

lots of cuddles


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