Adventure Update from Treacle

A big hello from Treacle!


\r\nI'm Treacle the Travelling Teddy, or just Treacle for short.  I am so happy to be able to join all the other travelling bears on this website.  It's such fun to be able to share my adventures with everyone!  I'm a bear who's been on the road for sometime, but I got stuck just after starting my travels, so I've not gone very far.  I was born in Canada, the cold, cold ski resort of Whistler, this picture is of me on a ski lift.  It was rather nippy!  I've got a nice warm scarf now to keep me warm, thank goodness.  I loved Whistler, a lovely tree lined resort with some high mountain tops.  I even had some cousins of mine sleeping in the tree roots around the resort waiting for the summer to arrive so they could come out of hibernation.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing my travels with everyone, so I'll post again very soon.  Keep an eye out for where I end up....



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