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Cardiff - city of bears


My first trip to Wales - and much to my surprise I discovered that Cardiff was a real bear hub. Many of my friends have left their mark here - and as the photos taken of me on the Severn Bridge all look a bit blurry, I would like to show you some of the nice bear impressions I came across on my long walk through delightful Edwardian shopping arcades and leafy parks. I even found an animal wall with a really wonderful looking bear - I would have liked to ask for his name but he wasn't in a chatty mood.


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Other Bears Which Have Checked in Nearby


3 bears spotted within 10 miles of this location





      Fred then sailed across the sea to Wales where Mummy found him advertised on the Internet.



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      Cardiff's a blur

      Went for a quick trip to Cardiff where I bumped into my friend Daisy. The picture was taken when we were driving back over the Severn Bridge. Read More
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