Adventure Update from Pang and Mitzu.

Mount Fuji

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Last night we made the 6 hour trek up to the top of Mount Fuji! It was an amazing experience. We started at 10 o clock at night with the aim to get to the top for sunrise at 4:45am. W e had planty of time. It was a tough climb, but the sights along the way were breathtaking. Once we reached 3400ft we were almost there. However, we were not the only people there. There was a queue! We were stuck in a queue for an hour and a half. The sky was beginnning to turn red alerting us that the sun was on its way up. Suddenly, the top was in sight! We scramplbed up the last few steps making it just in time!



This update was posted by Stephanie Millward almost 5 years ago.

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