Adventure Update from Barnaby Bear

Barnaby Adventure From Plymouth to Baltimore

Sam 2399

The journey started on the 19th July, while everyone was heading to London for the Olympics, we were heading across the Atlantic to Baltimore, Maryland with Barnaby. On the flight, Barnaby and I saw the in-flight movie and enjoyed chicken and veggies. My nani and aunt had come to pick us up. On the drive home I felt asleep.

The next day, early in the morning we got up and my granny took me out to pick some fresh veggies from the graden..including a huge melon, cucumber, tomatoes, beans, egg plant, zucchini and some green pepper. Barnaby enjoyed seeing the deer who was as curious about him as he was about it! Kaiser (the dog) and billy (the cat) were curious too about my furry friend.  Later I played hide and seek with them! Barnaby was much better at hiding then finding us!

Next stop would be Dallas, in 6 days time.  


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