Adventure Update from Brookdale

Brookdale bear goes cycle racing

Last weekend Brookdale came with me and Jude and our Dad and Sam and Joe White and their Dad to watch the Eddie Soens Memorial Cycle circuit race at Aintree.

The race happens every year and is held at the old motor racing track at Aintree.

It was great watching all the bikes fly round the track at amazing speeds.  They would get up to near 40mph on the straights.  There were several pro teams there with their race team vans and back up.

We watched the winner from the Endura race team get his prize and spraying champagne.  I got the cork from the bottle and kept it for good luck.  Then Chris White's dad took a picture of the race winner with us all.  It was a great day.


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      Brookdale bear came to the childrens hospital with me, and the nurse looked after him. She said we were both brave and well behaved.

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