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The Ferry port of Hong Kong International Airport


After 8 and a half hours' flight, we arrvied Hong Kong -eventualluy. But I was told this was not the end of our journey. Going to Mainland China we needed to take a ferry across Southern China Sea, then we will arrive our first destination in China- Zhuhai where Anastasia's grandparents live. 


This update was posted by Anastasia almost 9 years ago.

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      Pang and Mitzu.

      Cliff Jumping

      We went cliff jumping in a national park an hour from the city of Hong Kong. It was a beautiful, serene spot with no one around. After a little hesitation we climbed to the top of the highest ...

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      Quick visit in Hong Kong

      \r\nToday I visited Hong Kong and it was really cool! I did not understand much of the signs with their wierd, but pretty nice alphabet. I wonder how long that would take to learn? ;)

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      oggy ogbourne

      revenge beach hong kong



      this is revenge beach hong kong, weather o.k. wish you were here

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