Adventure Update from Tristan

Hangin' out with Erik!

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 Dear Isolde!

In March Tristan visited us in Scranton, PA. He was the first one to visit Erik after he came home from the hospital where he was born. We enjoyed having Tristan here, and many thanks for the cute romper he brought with him. We love the pattern of rainbows and it's so soft and nice!

We had some fun and cosy days together when Tristan was here. We went for walks in the neighbourhood. There is a really nice park close to where we live. It is called Nay Aug Park and it has a big tree house where you can look down on a waterfall. We also did some everyday stuff like going to the big grocery store Wegmans, and of course cuddled at home.  

It was fun having Tristan here. We're happy he wanted to come and visit with us. We really hope we get to meet each other in person some day too. Now Tristan has left us to continue his journey. We'll make sure we follow him online and hope that he has safe travels. He will have a lot of wonderful things to tell you when he comes back home to you!

hugs and kisses, and all the best to you and your parents,

Erik, Anki and Jonas


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      A stroll in the park!

       Dear Isolde,

      Here is another picture from Tristans visit in Scranton. This is from one of our strolls in Nay Aug Park.

      It was a little chilly that day so Erik and Tristan cuddled ...

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