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Bamse in Fuerteventura! :)

Fuerteventura feb 2011


I have now left the amazing Fiji island and have gone to Fuerteventura (one of the Canary Islands) for a week of holiday. Spanish is a beautifuleven though I hardly understanda word, but I'm trying to learn! :)

The days here are lazy and very nice! I spend most of the time on the beach, by the pool, shopping, or at a restaurant tasting all amazing food and drinks they have here; tapas, red fresh fish, wine, sangria and much more! The best food experience I've ever had was actually one of the nights here when I went to a restuarant that was located on a pier. When I got there, I found some fishing gear at the back. This made me think that the restaurant is fishing for tonight's dinner! Yeah right! =P

But suddenly the chef comes out from the kitchen and grabs the fishing pole and shows the squid that he just caught! "Anyone hungry?" he asked! And I was, so I got in and had the freshest and nicest seafood ever! Haha! Yummie! :)

Take care!!
Love Bamse





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