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Mini-Sven's Birthday Celebrations

124ms birthday

\r\nAt Christmas I celebrated a very important birthday, so I had lots of friends over, including my very good friend Sven.  We had a lovely large Birthday cake and then went on to lose very badly at a pub quiz! A very fun time though!
\r\nlots of love


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      Treacle on the Underground

      \r\nI'm transitting through London to my next destination and you know what?  Today I felt like a really big bear.  Maybe people are small in London, I fitted right in on ...

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      Treacle goes to a Birthday Party


      I'm off on my travels again, hurrah!  First though I had to go to a birthday party and eat lots of birthday cake.  It was nice to touch base in England again before flying ...

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      Nice coffee in Brentwood!


      My name is Bamse and I was born on the 9th of May 2009 in Braintree, England. I spend most of the time with a girl named Hanna, who is really nice and takes me to lots of ...

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